As a commercial building owner, we know how big of an investment commercial properties are. That is why we want to help you recognize these common flat roof problems. They can be detrimental to your property if they are overlooked.

Flat Roof Problems - Weathering


Weathering on your commercial flat roof will happen over a long period of time. Roof systems deteriorate due to direct exposure to quickly changing weather conditions. High and low temperatures cause the surface to crack and tear causing your roof to leak. Weather changes can also cause the surface to become brittle and susceptible to punctures.

Flat Roof Problems - Water Ponding

Standing Water

Standing water becomes a problems when water does not properly drain off the roof 48 hours after rainfall. A lot of standing water can lead to structural damage. The weight of the standing water has the potential to collapse the building. Plant or vegetation growth can also happen as a result from standing water.

Flat Roof Problems - Debris

Debris Build Up

Debris such as leaves and sticks can clog your drains and downspouts causing standing water problems. Certain types of debris can also puncture your flat roof systems leaving room for water infiltration and leaking. Nesting for birds and small animals can also be caused due to debris build up.

Storm and Hail Damage

Punctures and Dents

Punctures can be caused by nails, foot traffic, hail damage, debris build up and more. Puncture holes allow water to intrude the waterproof membrane causing interior roof leaks and insulation damage. Single-ply roof systems are also more susceptible to punctures. Denting is common on roofing membrane and mechanical equipment after a hail storm. These dents can cause leaking over time.

Flat Roof Problems?

Our flat roofing maintenance plans are put in place to maximize the lifetime of your flat roof system and extend your investment. If you've experienced any flat roof problems, schedule your free consultation today!